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Things I mastered after a decade working in advertising industry...

I spent the last 15 years building my career in advertising: working in international ad agencies and teaching at the best advertising schools. In this time I did projects for a few big-name brands and worked alongside some truly amazing people.

I embrace cultural diversity and teamwork, and while everyone else goes gaga about technological innovations, my greatest inspiration still comes from human insights.

I am always up for a nice challenge. The real one, that requires smart creative solutions – be it a product innovation, unexpected media placement, or upgrading their way of talking to the audience. 
Plus, they say, I write damn good headlines, but this is just a cherry on top of the cake.

On a personal level

Teacher, award panel judge, mother, wine snob and passionate collector of useless knowledge. I tend not to shy away from the roles with responsibility, partially because I am an angry optimist with a plan.

I never forget a face

Call me a creep, but once I saw a face - it stays in my memory forever. Can't say the same about names or dates though. 

Russian - yes. Vodka - no.

Despite of my nationality, I do not play balalaika, drink vodka, befriend bears, nor can i survive in below zero temperatures.  

Girl Power!

I have a daughter, so I am passionate about female empowerment projects. Sorry, boys, but not sorry. The future is female. End of story.

history of
in case it matters

Senior Copywriter
January 2023 - current
Scholz & Friends BuyQ - Hamburg, Germany

Spending my days writing and supervising insane amounts of TV commercials for one major international retailer, developing global campaigns, crafting witty headlines and mentoring Juniors between the pitch work. Living a dream!

Senior Copywriter International
October 2016 - December 2022
Serviceplan Group GmbH - Hamburg, Germany

Lead copywriter on the METRO account, global communication, campaigns development from concept to full execution, part of the rebranding team responsible for new brand tone of voice and new brand guidelines, creative pitches, presentations, you name it...

Copywriting Course Author
June 2019 - present
MADS advertising school - Moscow, Russia

Developing and teaching the course on copywriting, lecturing and curating the Award Camp course, including supervising the team that won Young Glory competition 2019-2020 and other international student awards.

Copywriting Instructor
October 2014 - June 2021
Miami Ad School Europe - Hamburg, Germany

I was happy to instruct the 1st year students on basics in

copywriting. From how to tackle the brief to various headline techniques, differences between short and long copy and ruthless editing, I tried to give young talents tools that will help them grow and better express their creativity.

March 2012 - September 2016
Kolle Rebbe GmbH - Hamburg, Germany

Creative concepting, writing, developing communication for off- and online campaigns and providing linguistic expertise for international clients such as Netflix, Google, O2 Telefonica, Lufthansa, Ritter Sport, momondo and many more. Took part in a few award-winning projects and got shortlisted in Cannes in the process. Good times!

March 2006 - May 2009
Leo Burnett - Moscow, Russia

Concepting and writing for traditional and non-traditional media for clients like McDonald's, Wella, Herbal Essences, Tide, MTS Mobile TeleSystems, winning multiple local and international awards.


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