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Swiss Army Knife for a Copywriter


MADS Courses




Educational Program, Lectures


In every professional's life there comes the moment, when one feels they have gathered enough experience to share it with the world. 
So when I was approached by the leading advertising school from my homeland, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to pass on my knowledge to the next generation of copywriters and creatives. 




There are a lot of things I wished I knew, when I started my career as a copywriter. Unfortunately, in the early 2000s, only a handful of people in Russia were aware of what a copywriter's job is, let alone taught it. It seemed that all one needs to do was - to be somewhat creative and pass the spelling test.  Those, who are now considered seasoned professionals in Russian ad industry, learned their craft by simply doing, and build up knowledge while attending award shows and seeking out foreign sources. All to be able to evolve the local communication industry and to bring it up to the world standards. 

Once MADS, the leading Russian advertising school, offered me to develop a training program for copywriters, I took up a challenge and reconnected with some of those self-made copywriting professionals, so that together we could give young talents something we wished we ourselves had: a crash course in copywriting, filled with practical tools and tips to serve as an ultimate base for a beginner.

How to properly work with a brief and why is it good to learn a bit of strategy? Where to look for insights? What are the most common headline techniques? How to edit your long copy and make it worth reading? What is the difference between the TVC treatment and actual script? How to pack your idea into 20 second commercial? What are the tricks in writing up an award board? and How to describe your idea to make it truly stand out?



In the course of 8 weeks students get to attend online lectures, live webinars, complete challenging home-works and take part in Q&A sessions with local industry leaders. 

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After two successful terms, MADS has copywriting graduates employed by several top ad agencies in Russia and abroad. 
The course is ongoing and has now became a permanent part of MADS educational program. 

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