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Own Business Day






Promotion, Integrated Campaign


To really fulfil their brand promise of championing the independent business the best way possible, METRO established a special day to give business owners the extra support and recognition they truly deserve: Own Business Day. Celebrated in 24 countries since 2016 it has become an anticipated event in small business world.

Every year on the 2nd Tuesday in October METRO uses all its capacities to promote everything that makes own business special. And we do it on the scale they could never afford on their own, addressing many issues independent business owners are struggling with.

For example, as we discovered, independent and self-employed companies in particular often do not have the means to exploit the full potential of digitalisation. In particular, visibility and reach are among the biggest challenges.

METRO uses its own capacities and launches a fully integrated advertising campaign, targeting among others, the end-consumers, reminding them of importance of small businesses and, therefore, attracting new clientele to independently own establishments, and giving the latter more exposure. 



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